Mexican singer-songwriter

Junior H

Explore the Journey of Junior H: From Beginnings to Success

Antonio Herrera Pérez, known professionally as Junior H, is a Mexican singer-songwriter. He is considered a major artist of the corridos tumbados music, having popularized the genre with his 1st studio albums.

Musical Career

He released his album, “Mi Vida en un Cigarro,” in 2019. which included the hit single “No Eh Cambiado.”

Total Albums

  1. Mi Vida En Un Cigarro (2019)
  2. Atrapado En Un Sueño (2020)
  3. Cruisin’ with Junior H (2020)
  4. Musica <3 (2020)
  5. $ad Boyz 4 Life (2021)
  6. Mi Vida En Un Cigarro 2 (2022)
  7. Contingente (2022)
  8. $ad Boyz 4 Life II (2023)
  9. Las 3 Torres (with Natanael Cano and Ovi) (2020)
Total Songs

  1. “No Eh Cambiado”
  2. “Mi Vida en un Cigarro”
  3. “El de la Chevy”
  4. “Atrapado en un Sueño”
  5. “Mente Positiva”
  6. “Jueves 10”
  7. “La Bestia”
  8. “160 Gramos”
  9. “Me Consume”
  10. “Lamento Boliviano” (Cover of Enanitos Verdes’ hit single)
Collaborate Artists

  1. Oscar Maydon on “Fin de Semana”
  2. Peso Pluma on multiple tracks such as “El Azul,” “El Tsurito,” “Lady Gaga,” “Luna,” and “Bipolar”
  3. Rauw Alejandro on “Picardía”
  4. Grupo Frontera on “En Altavoz”
  5. Grupo Marca Registrada on “Mafiosa”
  6. El Alfa and Pop Smoke on “Aqui Ta Smoke”

about Junior H

His real name is Antonio Herrera Pérez and he was born on April 23, 2001, in Cerano, Guanajuato, Mexico.

Singer and songwriter

He is a famous corridos tumbados music songwriter and singer


Guitar – vocals
He learns to play various instruments, including the accordion and the guitar, by watching videos on YouTube.


Regional Mexicanurban sierreñocorridos tumbadosLatin trapLatin urbanreggaeton

Dive into the captivating world of Junior H, the maestro behind the melodies!

Musical Journey

  • Early Beginnings: At just 12, Junior H began crafting lyrics with a friend, igniting his musical spark! 🎵
  • Self-Discovery: Despite humble roots, he taught himself instruments like the accordion and guitar, fueled by YouTube tutorials and late-night sessions. 🎸
  • Emergence on YouTube: Junior H’s secret uploads took the internet by storm, with his single “No Eh Cambiado” amassing over 2 million views in a month! 🚀

Musical Legacy

  • Album Debut: In 2019, he unveiled “Mi Vida en un Cigarro,” marking his official entry into the music scene. 🎉
  • Billboard Triumph: His album “Atrapado en un Sueño” soared to the top of the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart, solidifying his status as a rising star! 🌟
  • Corridos Tumbados Icon: Junior H’s fusion of corridos tumbados with Latin trap and reggaeton reshapes the musical landscape, captivating fans globally! 💫

Embracing the Future

  • Innovation Beckons: With plans for a Latin trap album titled “Contingente,” Junior H continues to push boundaries and redefine genres! 🌈
  • Chart-Topping Success: From “Fin de Semana” to “Lady Gaga,” his chart-topping hits resonate with audiences worldwide, cementing his place in music history! 🎶

Join us as we unravel the symphonic journey of Junior H, a testament to talent, tenacity, and timeless melodies! ✨

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